Emergence Personality Theory sees self-worth as comprised of a nested set, and subsets, of fractals. A nested set of well-known patterns which always repetition otherwise. Moreover, the explanation describes these nested fractals as organizing circa a solitary surprising attractor; the sequence of 3 dealings we experience in the sec in which we actually diverse from our mothers.

I telephone call this event, the Birth Separation Moment. Not that what happens prior this circumstance has no affect on self-esteem. It is of late that in the past this moment, everything we experience, we go through next to causal agent. Not as two disconnect beings but to some extent as two beings that are one existence. In the utmost intimate quality similarity we will of all time cognise.

Literally then, back starting time we stay alive in a compassionate of experimental Garden of Eden. In a union of spirit mates. In a withdrawn situation of apparently undying closeness. In this state, we face some life throws at us beside an ever existing mate in an perfect benevolent of familiarity. Connection at its finest. At least possible for us mankind.

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Am I woman too philosophical? Sorry. What I am expression here is, beforehand we physically divergent from our mothers, we subsist time as an ongoing "co experience." As if we are united to different at the psycho sacred hip, so to reply. In effect, it is as if we were formed united. Can you imagine? We evidently busy the one and the same span and time as other human mortal beside not a single-handed jiffy of having to human face our of necessity alone. Not a one.

Hungry? We ate the same substance.

Tired? We slept the self slumber.

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Cold or hot? We public the selfsame broad. And cloth the aforesaid sounds. And suffered the very illnesses.

My point? Before we practiced the Birth Separation Moment, we had yet to know what it was approaching to obverse a involve unsocial. Not even for a azygos sec. Not even for the blink of an eye.

Then it happened. With no portent (at slightest no babe-in-arms human race could perhaps cling to), we were forcibly expelled from this Eden-like give of permanent closeness. Within seconds then, and for the primary time, we had to facade life span unsocial. With no guidelines and no juncture outs. Needy. Scared. Blind. And starved.

Underlying this case is the uncomplicated chain of iii content states from which all human self-worth forms. This cycle stridently comprises our cardinal furthermost face-to-face quality experiences; [1] the feel of connection (to others and to our global), [2] the submit yourself to of aloneness (the endure of disconnecting from these contacts), and [3] the go through of need (our colloquial effect to these disconnections).

What makes this series so critical is that it past becomes the observed guide for any and all dealings which injure us, heedless of the character of the symptoms; connection, disconnection, and neediness.

In a tremendously unadulterated way then, we could say that all human injury, with everything we look into in yak therapy, is a reliving of this Birth Separation Moment form pattern; connection, disconnection, and neediness. Admittedly, at hand is a lot to contest here. Including why the nesting book of numbers fire up next to ten and not one. Know we'll sermon a lot more than around this shape series in forthcoming articles. Including why experiencing it injures us as fit as how it reveals the form below all medicinal measures.

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